On-Site Railcar Transloading

On-Site Railcar Transloading Services

Asbury’s 25-acre freight services yard is adjacent to a rail siding that provides access to BNSF and Union Pacific (UP) lines for rail shipments throughout North America. We work jointly with BNSF and UP to negotiate low freight rates on your behalf based on our large volume discounts.

We transload:

  • Inbound rail cargo destined for either our storage facility or on to our flatbeds for final mile delivery.
  • Outbound rail cargo to any destination on the BNSF or UP lines.
  • Reduce Costs with an Intermodal Trucking Company

Rail shipments are on the rise due to increasing diesel prices. Rail transport is two to four times more fuel efficient than truck transport. With the knowledge that 100 flatbed trailer loads are equivalent to just 32 rail cars, you can imagine the cost savings by shipping into and out of Asbury’s rail siding. We handle varied commodities such as steel, lumber, oil industry equipment as well as palletized cargo as part of our rail transloading operation. 

Contact us now and find out how much you can save with our intermodal and railcar transloading services.