Low-Cost Specialty Freight Services

Low-Cost Specialty Freight Services for Small Loads or Rush Shipments

Not every shipment requires a full-size flatbed. But many companies with small, rush loads are forced to pay for empty space on a full truckload due to a lack of shipping options. That’s why Asbury Transportation offers Hot Shot shipping, a low-cost alternative to booking a full flatbed trailer. Hot Shot utilizes a smaller power unit with a trailer capacity of up to 23,000 lbs.  

The Asbury Difference

While there are other 3PL companies in California that offer this same option, they often charge a premium for rush shipments. At Asbury, you actually save money. We know that it takes less operating costs to run our Hot Shot units and we pass the savings on to you. When you need to ship a small load fast and at a reasonable cost, Asbury Hot Shots will get the job done.  

Contact us now and get that small, rush shipment on the road.