Over-sized Shipments

Experts in Over-sized Shipments

Logistics managers are often faced with locating an experienced California trucking company that specializes in over-sized cargo. Not to mention obtaining the complex highway permits required by law. Asbury provides shipping solutions for each of these issues.  

Asbury is equipped with specialty trailers that accommodate over-sized shipments:

  • Over-length shipments – we provide highway-compliant stretch trailers.
  • Over-width shipments – we offer standard flatbed trailers with DOT-compliant markers.
  • Over-height shipments – we have low-bed, drop-deck, and double-drop-deck trailers.  

From planning and scheduling to pick-up and delivery, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure that your over-size shipment is delivered safely and on time. Special permits and escort services can be arranged depending on the dimensions of your shipment. Positioning pilot trucks and arranging police escorts when necessary are part of our daily services to properly handle your over-sized shipment and remain compliant with the DOT regulations. 

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